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Germanium stone mattress wholesale: how much is the price of germanium stone mattress?

2021-11-05 08:43:46

The price of Liaoning jade mattresses and germanium mattresses. The germanium mattresses in this price range are generally fine-woven mesh and high-toughness double germanium mattresses. 2. This type of germanium mattresses are of better quality. Moreover, a knob to eliminate harmful electromagnetic waves is generally provided, which can adjust the temperature more stably. With long-wave control function, the price of germanium stone mattress can be determined according to the different needs of the human body. 3. The material used for this type of germanium stone mattress is fabric full germanium stone, which is usually 4 cm in diameter. The copper plate leather edge can achieve the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer. The negative potential function can also be used. The flat thread is sutured and reinforced, and it is divided into single thermostat and double thermostat. Light gray wolf leather or other types of negative ion fleece edging are relatively high-end. The price of germanium stone mattress is four, the raw material is natural high-quality germanium stone, all jade is encrypted, the diameter of the stone is 4 cm, the number is mostly blocks, the density is just right, and it is more comfortable to use. The edge leather is thickened crocodile skin, high-end and durable. The price of germanium stone mattress is more than 1500, and this type is a high-end germanium stone mattress, which is relatively spacious. Many topaz materials are made of topaz. Topaz is a water-containing aluminosilicate mineral. Under long-wave and short-wave ultraviolet irradiation, various colors of topaz show different fluorescence and look very beautiful. The function of the germanium stone mattress: the main function is to regulate body fatigue, enhance the quality of sleep, and also slow down some common diseases. It is suitable for a wide range of people, and it has a good physiotherapy effect for sub-populations, busy office workers, elderly people with low immunity, and people who are prone to insomnia. Photon Energy Pad


Who needs a Liaoning jade mattress?

1. Entrepreneurs and office workers who are busy day and night, physically and mentally exhausted, modern people are exhausted due to lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking, busy work, lack of sleep and other reasons. If you regularly use natural jade mattresses, you can reduce fatigue.

2. Candidates approaching the college entrance examination can help reduce fatigue and sleep time by expanding capillaries and promoting metabolism, increasing the blood volume of the brain.

3. For those who want to give their parents a filial piety, natural jade mattresses keep the elderly warm in winter and cool in summer, and feel comfortable physically and mentally.