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Six protections

2021-09-26 15:10:55

1. Waterproof clay mattress

The high-frequency wave production technology is adopted in the production of the product. The PVC layer, the energy layer and the net sand layer are sealed together, which can effectively prevent liquid from infiltrating. At the same time, the fabric layer and bottom layer of the product are waterproof, so the Sunshine Jian series Don’t worry if the product gets wet by accident. Photon Energy Pad

The fabric layer of the product is made of Korean composite fabrics, which makes the Yangguangjian series products have very good properties and prolongs the service life of the products as much as possible.

3. Anti-static

4. Self-cleaning and deodorizing

The product can emit a large amount of "negative ions", can purify the air and human blood, and has a good effect of removing dust and removing human odor.


5. Block harmful electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic radiation can cause harm to the human body invisibly, so electromagnetic radiation is currently listed as an important environmental pollution in the world. Electromagnetic waves that cause serious harm to the human body refer to electromagnetic waves that have a large output power, a short electromagnetic wave wavelength, and a high vibration frequency. If a person lives in an environment with serious electromagnetic radiation pollution for a long time, symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, neurasthenia, irritability and menstrual disorders will occur, especially the damage of electromagnetic radiation to the visual organs is prominent.

The mattress has a design, and the mattress can effectively shield more than 99.9% of electromagnetic waves after being tested by the authoritative department.

6. Block the groundwater pulse wave

Water pulse wave is the magnetic field (understood as miasma for thousands of years) formed by the impact of obstacles when groundwater flows. It can disrupt the body's brain waves and magnetic field and disturb the body's biological clock. Causes stroke, increased blood pressure, heart and spleen hypertrophy and other diseases. The product can effectively shield the groundwater pulse wave.