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Liaoning jade mattress, amethyst mattress, clay mattress, the importance of good sleep for us

2021-09-26 15:11:10

Sleep is the lifelong companion of well-being, and good sleep is a sign of people's physical and mental well-being. However, as the number of people with light sleep or insomnia increased, various diseases caused by this have come to clay mattresses.

Light sleep or insomnia has become a major hazard that affects people’s well-being and life. Already 1/3 of people have light sleep or insomnia. my country has also reached more than 40%. The inability to sleep makes the incidence of elderly diseases younger and younger. Photon Energy Pad

Sleep experts point out that sleep is an important one among the factors that affect people's lifespan. Sleep disorders (light sleep or insomnia) often cause a decline in human immunity, physical anxiety, and at the same time easily cause high blood pressure, neurasthenia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, and psychological disorders, and even sudden death. Therefore, beginning in 2002, the World Health Organization has designated March 21 every year as World Sleep Day, and affirmed that sleep, food, air, and water are the four elements of human life, requesting all human beings to pay attention to and pay attention to sleep well-being.


Sleep does not mean that activities will be in a static state. During sleep, the five major organs of our body are still busy working. Therefore, human sleep is not only a process of energy recovery, but we can also apply some of the health principles of Chinese medicine. Change the function of the human body to achieve the purpose of health preservation.