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Liaoning jade mattress, amethyst mattress, clay mattress, ocher mattress

2021-09-26 15:11:02

1. Warm moxibustion clay mattress

Using warm jade or mineral elements (both energy-generating substances) to act on the acupoints of the human body's meridians, dredge the qi and blood, form a deep warm moxibustion effect, stimulate the body's stress response, maintain body balance, and have a good relief of chronic diseases effect. Photon mattress

2. Far infrared

Far-infrared is an invisible light. Because its wavelength (6 to 14 microns) is similar to that of the human body, it is also called life light. After it penetrates into the human body, it will form "thermal penetration", expand the capillaries, microcirculate the human body, and decompose fat; Remove metabolic barriers, eliminate toxins deposited in the body; relieve pain.

3. Ultra-long wave is a kind of electromagnetic wave, which belongs to the low frequency alternating magnetic field. Because its wavelength can reach 5000 to 6000 kilometers (the vibration frequency is between 50 and 60 Hz), and can change with the intensity of the magnetic field and time (three times per minute). Thousands of times). So it is called the ultra-long wave magnetic field line, also known as the alternating magnetic field.


4. Negative ions

Negative ions can change the pH of the human body, purify the blood, and enhance the body's immunity.

5. Negative potential

Negative potential can relieve body fatigue and muscle pain.