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Jade mattress​, a good helper for human sleep!

2021-09-26 15:11:22

Sleep experts pointed out: Among the factors that affect people's life span, sleep is an important one. Sleep disorders (light sleep or insomnia) often cause weakened human immunity and mental irritability. It is also prone to high blood pressure, neurasthenia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and mental illness, and even sudden death. Therefore, since 2002, the World Health Organization has designated March 21 every year as "World Sleep Day" and confirmed that "sleep, food, air, and water" are the four elements of human life, requiring all mankind to pay attention to and pay attention to the health problems of sleep. .

During sleep, the five major functions of our body are still busy working. Therefore, human sleep is not a process of energy recovery. We can also use some TCM health care principles to achieve the purpose of health preservation. Life energy health-care mattresses can release far infrared rays, negative ions, and have the functions of ultra-long wave and warm moxibustion. It is scientifically proven that after heating, jade will produce far infrared rays, negative ions and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, thereby regulating the human body’s microcirculation, fully eliminating body waste, thereby alleviating diseases, enhancing the body’s immunity, and allowing users to sleep peacefully Eliminate the body's fatigue and pain, so it has become a very popular natural therapy in today's society.