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What is the structure of Liaoning jade mattress?

2021-11-05 08:41:52

1. Jade Mattress Factory--The structure of jade mattress:

The first layer: The excellent leather is beautiful and generous, durable and easy to clean. Liaoning Photon Mattress

Second layer: High-density mesh cloth is made of high-woven and high-density mesh cloth, which is beautifully embroidered to fix the jade.

Three layers: natural jade. Using natural jade: The starting wave emitted by jade can resonate with human cells to make human cells vigorous, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation, enhancing metabolism, and expelling waste from the body in time.

Jade contains a variety of trace elements of the human body. The human body can absorb the trace elements released by the jade through the skin. At the same time, jade can also absorb the excess trace elements deposited by the human body. In order to maintain the average of the human body's trace elements, jade has a strong heat storage capacity, and after the frequency spectrum is heated, it acts on the meridians of the human body, forming a deep thermal moxibustion effect.


Four layers: bamboo carbon fiber cotton layer

1. Super adsorption capacity The adsorption capacity of bamboo carbon is more than 5 times that of charcoal. It can absorb, decompose and deodorize harmful substances and dust such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and so on.

2. Transmit far infrared rays, store heat to keep warm. The far-infrared emission rate is high, and it can keep warm and keep warm, and the heating speed is faster than that of ordinary fabrics.

3. Humidity control, achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying, high balance moisture regain rate and high water retention rate, giving the bamboo carbon the ability to control humidity.

4. The emission concentration of negative ions is high, which is equivalent to the concentration of negative ions in the countryside, which is beneficial to the body.

5. High mineral content.

Five layers: hard cotton layer Non-woven fibers can effectively balance the heat and fix the spectrum fiber layer.

Sixth layer: spectrum bionic material layer Spectrum bionic material emits an orderly biological spectrum to act on the human body.

Seventh layer: the active spectrum generator layer stimulates the spectrum bionic material to emit an ordered biological spectrum field.

The eighth layer: blocking harmful electric wave layer. Some household appliances and power heating equipment bring convenience to people's daily life, but also generate electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the human body. Harmful electromagnetic waves can have adverse effects on the human body’s cardiovascular system, visual system, and reproductive system, and are also an important cause of cancer and leukemia.

Nine layers: natural fiber cotton layer, soft and light, warm and durable.

Ten layers: waterproof cloth layer, durable, wear-resistant and tensile, protect the cushion.

 The above is the content of the structure of the Liaoning jade mattress, I hope it will be helpful to you.