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Liaoning dikangyuan Health Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: Ms. Zhang Xiaoguang (person in charge of the office)

Mobile phone: 159-4190-2458

Telephone: 86-419-7195888 086-419-7197888

Fax: 86-419-7195888

Q Q: 415952763

Mail box: 415952763@qq.com

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Office/Factory Address: Xiaozhanglang Village, Liuerbao Town, Liaoyang County, Liaoning, China

Export country

United States, Russia, Mexico, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, etc...光子床垫

We advocate the entrepreneurial spirit of continuous innovation and challenge the limit. We are committed to developing high-quality products, and customer-oriented, providing comprehensive value-added services in order to pursue the improvement of the overall value of the company.

We have employees with high professional quality, who are constantly learning and self-renewing. While their personal value continues to improve, they also promote the rapid growth of the company.