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How to use Tourmaline mattress and matters needing attention

2021-11-05 08:33:45

1. How to use

1. Connect the controller to the seat cushion and the power supply during the preparation phase. Photon mattress

2. Turn on the power switch to heat up.

3. Adjust the temperature knob to the required temperature. Try to avoid using high temperature gears to avoid scalding the user or burning the cushion due to excessive temperature.

4. Adjust the electromagnetic wave knob until the indicator light is off or dark to eliminate harmful electromagnetic waves.

5. Please turn off the power when not in use.


Second, the use of thermostat

1. Thermostat adjustment: The product can be adjusted freely between 30 degrees and 70 degrees. The temperature can be adjusted to a comfortable temperature during use. As for the hips, it can circulate the blood in the lower limbs and pelvic cavity of the human body to keep warm and strengthen the body.

2. When performing physical therapy, the temperature can be raised between 45 degrees and 55 degrees for local thermal moxibustion.

3. After use or when not in use: please turn the thermostat to the gear; then turn off the power at the beginning; then unplug the power socket.

Three, matters needing attention

1. Use 220V special power socket for Anshan Tourmaline mattress.

2. It is forbidden to use the thermostat on the cushion (there is a risk of malfunction due to overheating).

3. It is forbidden to disassemble the thermostat at will (disassembling at will may cause electric shock in later use).

4. When going out or not in use, please pull out the power plug (to avoid accidents or even fire when thundering).

5. It is forbidden to sprinkle water on the thermostat or the thermotherapy bed (sit) cushion (it may cause a short circuit. If the bed (sit) cushion is soaked by water in an accident, please dry it thoroughly before using it).

6. It is forbidden to use it for a long time at high temperature (it is easy to cause burns or malfunctions, and the product should be used within 1 hour of high temperature gear).

7. It is forbidden to place the hyperthermia bed (sitting) cushion or thermostat in a place with a stove or overheating (it will cause malfunction due to high temperature).

8. It is forbidden to use hard objects or blades to damage the product.

9. The elderly and the weak or children should use the high-temperature gear when protected (to prevent burns due to inconvenience or inability to move, etc.).

10. The thermostat should be exposed at any time, and do not cover it with blankets or similar items (to avoid damage due to overheating).

11. The free warranty period of the product is one year from the date of purchase. However, during the free warranty period, the product failure caused by the user's man-made damage is not covered by the free warranty.