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How much do you know about the usage and contraindications of germanium stone mattresses?

2021-11-05 08:31:58

Crystal mattresses are very popular. People can have good healing and health care effects as long as they lie on them when they are resting. How to use germanium stone mattress? What are the contraindications for the use of germanium stone mattresses? Photon Energy Pad

Germanium stone mattresses, depending on the size and workmanship (hexagonal or round) of Germanium sheets used in South Korea, there are hundreds to thousands of different numbers. The outer side is made of heat-invariant high leather and the middle is glued. Glue or mesh to fix the germanium sheet on the mattress leather, dual temperature dual control, temperature can be adjusted at will, Korean carbon fiber heating, temperature 75°, digital display temperature, timing function, far infrared, negative ion and other functions.

How to use germanium stone mattress

1. Correctly connect the thermostat socket with the heating element. (1) The thermostat socket and the heating element plug are connected in place and inserted tightly. (2) Plug in the power supply after connecting the thermostat and the heating element.

2. Plug the thermostat into the power socket.

3. Turn on the thermostat switch, set the desired temperature, and perform germanium stone therapy.

4. After use, first turn off the thermostat switch, and then unplug the power plug.


Precautions for germanium stone mattresses

1. If there is a problem in the use of Anshan germanium stone mattress, please consult and deal with the sales office or the distribution department. It is not allowed to disassemble, repair or modify without authorization.

2. Hold the handle of the plug when plugging or unplugging, and do not operate with wet hands.

3. Do not place sharp or heavy objects such as needles and nails on the heating element to avoid damage to the heating element. Once the heating element is damaged, accidents such as electric shock will occur.

4. Do not put the thermostat on the heating element during use, so as to avoid malfunction of the thermostat due to heating.