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Lets talk about why you should choose germanium mattress

2021-11-05 08:35:02

Liaoning jade mattress germanium stone contains a large amount of germanium and jade powder, pearl powder, erwinite, traditional Chinese medicine materials, magnesium, iron, calcium, carbon, potassium, sodium, chlorophyll and other 45 kinds of minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Crystallized at high temperature in degrees Celsius. We understand that germanium, as a high-tech material, is widely used in the fields of optical fiber communications, national defense technology, aerospace technology, health care, geological exploration, chemical catalysis and semiconductor materials, especially in the knowledge economy. Today, high-tech research is increasingly deep and extensive, and the application fields of germanium materials are also expanding day by day, and the amount of germanium materials is increasing. Mainly used in the electronics industry, optical industry and pharmaceutical industry. Photon mattress

1. The medicinal and health care effects of germanium: strengthen natural healing power, complete physical fitness, prevent aging, prognosis, eliminate tumors, liver disease, asthma, blood pressure adjustment, remove toxins from the body, autonomic disorders and other chronic diseases;


3. Hypoxia has become the root cause of all diseases, and germanium is called edible oxygen. Studies have proved that germanium has a special effect on the following symptoms caused by hypoxia. Due to the aggravation of mental stress, the blood viscosity will increase; modern people's metabolism caused by insufficient exercise; various psychological factors and Insufficient sleep caused by physical and mental weakness; lung function caused by breathing polluted air;

4. A large amount of inhalation of excessive chemical substances (drugs or chemical seasonings), etc.;

5. Germanium plays a role in inhibiting the damage caused by radiation, thereby reducing the damage and restoring the injured cells. Increase the oxygen supply through blood cells to make the blood clean. Liver cancer. The treatment of lung cancer, gastric cancer and other vascular-rich cancers and respiratory diseases, asthma and skin diseases has a special effect.