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Tourmaline mattress: What is the internal structure of the mattress?

2021-11-05 09:23:18

Different mattresses have different internal structures. Photon mattress

Palm mattress

It is woven from palm fiber and generally has a harder texture, or hard but softer. The price of the mattress is relatively low. It has natural palm smell when used, poor durability, easy to collapse and deform, poor supporting performance, poor maintenance and easy to moth or mold.

Modern brown mattress

It is made of mountain palm or coconut palm with modern adhesive. Features. The difference between mountain palm and coconut palm mattresses is that mountain palm has excellent toughness, but lack of supporting capacity. The overall supporting capacity and durability of coconut palm are better, with uniform stress, and relatively harder than mountain palm.

Latex mattress

It is divided into synthetic latex and natural latex. Synthetic latex is derived from petroleum and has insufficient elasticity and air permeability. Natural latex is derived from rubber trees. Natural latex exudes a light milky scent, is more natural, soft and comfortable, and has good air permeability. The oak protein in the latex can inhibit the latent germs and allergens, but the cost is high.


3D mattress

It is composed of double-sided mesh and intermediate connecting wires. The double-sided mesh determines the air permeability of traditional materials. The intermediate connecting wires are 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament, which improves the resilience of the 3D mesh.

Use 8-10 layers of 3D material to stack to a thickness of 16cm. Then the jacket is quilted with sandwich mesh and 3D material and zippered, or quilted with cotton velvet.

The main material of a 3D mattress is made up of 3D materials, so the classification of 3D mattresses is basically determined by the classification of 3D materials.

1. Classified according to weight. The weight of 3D material can be adjusted, from 300GSM to 1300GSM, the general unit weight of 3D mattress is: (1) 300GSM. (2) 450GSM. (3) 550GSM. (4) 750GSM. (5) 1100GSM.

2. Classified according to thickness. As of 2013, the conventional thickness of the unit materials of 3D mattresses are: (1) 4mm. (2) 5mm. (3) 8mm. (4) 10mm. (5) 13mm. (6) 15mm. (7) 20mm.

3. Classified according to door width. Door width refers to the full width of the fabric, that is, the width of the fabric. Generally speaking, the width of more conventional 3D materials is between 1.9-2.2m.

Mattress 3D Mattress 4D Mattress

Spring mattress

It is a modern commonly used mattress with better performance, and its cushion core is composed of springs. The cushion has the advantages of good elasticity, better support, strong air permeability, and durability. With the entry of advanced foreign technology and a large number of applications in contemporary times, spring mattresses have been subdivided into many categories, such as independent pocket bed nets, five-zone bed nets, spring plus latex systems, etc., which enriches people's choices. .

Air mattress

The mattress is easy to store and carry, and is suitable for temporary extra beds and traveling.

Water mattress

Using the principle of buoyancy, it has the characteristics of buoyant sleep, dynamic sleep, warm in winter and cool in summer, and hyperthermia. But the air permeability is insufficient.

Baby mattress

Baby mattress refers to the mattress used by children under one year old. Because babies grow and develop very quickly at this stage, it is a period of vigorous growth and development in a person's life, and the baby's body is relatively soft, if not paying attention, it will easily lead to stunted growth. Therefore, the mattress used by infants should have a higher standard and be different from that of adults. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the concept of baby mattress has been widely known. The main function of baby mattress is to support the body, prevent the baby's spine from deforming, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, and benefit the baby's development.

Children's mattress

Children's mattresses refer to mattresses specially developed for the growth and development of teenagers and children. The difference from ordinary mattresses is to adapt the mattresses to the needs of teenagers and children's bone growth, thereby effectively preventing common problems of teenagers and children such as hunchback.