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Development status and prospects of Chinas jade industry

2021-11-05 09:21:48

Liaoning jade mattresses. Today, China’s rich gems and jade industry play an important role in beautifying people’s lives and earning foreign exchange through foreign trade exports. Some types of gems are also used in scientific fields such as electronics, lasers and aerospace. People have now realized that gemstones and their products have dual economic and cultural values. Therefore, the gem and jade industry is not only an important industry in the national economy, but also an important part of socialist science, technology and culture. Liaoning Photon Mattress

With the in-depth development of the reform and opening up situation, our jade industry will present a new situation of further revitalization and prosperity.

According to market trends at home and abroad, people hope to get cultural, spiritual, and psychological products that satisfy their basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Jewelry ornaments and jade carving crafts belong to this category of commodities. Since the 1980s, the annual growth rate of the global gem and jade market has been over 10%. Although the domestic market fluctuates, it is still showing a growth trend on the macro level. According to expert estimates, China's exports of inlaid gemstones in 2004 amounted to more than US$1 billion, accounting for about 9% of the world's gemstone trade, and will continue to grow in the future.


Looking into the new century, the production and sales of our jade industry will continue to maintain a good momentum of growth. With the improvement of the domestic people's material and cultural living standards, the sales of high- and mid-range products in cities will increase, and the market for medium and low-end products will expand to the vast towns. In the case of improving quality, style, and mastering the information of the international market, we will produce marketable gems and jade products, and the export value and foreign exchange income will gradually increase.

In order to promote the coordinated development of the gem and jade industry in the new century, industry departments and relevant parties should formulate industry-wide development strategies and rationally adjust the internal structure of the industry. Drawing on foreign experience and starting from our country’s current situation, we must vigorously strengthen the exploration of gem and jade mineral resources, improve mining and beneficiation technology, update equipment and improve carving technology, and speed up scientific research on sapphire, aquamarine and other color changes. To develop the market with good reputation and good pre-sale and after-sale maintenance services. Optimize the internal structure of the gemstone industry, comprehensively balance the links of raw materials, sales, scientific research, and professional education, and determine their reasonable proportions. Formulate fiscal, taxation and management policies that are conducive to the development of the gem and jade industry. In short, we must establish the business strategy of Baoyu Stone Industry which is based on raw materials, guided by science and technology, strives for development, strives for survival by quality, and strives for market by reputation.

Through the above measures, the prospects of my country's gem and jade industry will change with each passing day, continue to develop and prosper, and make due contributions to the construction of human spiritual and material civilization. Moreover, the reform and opening up not only greatly improved our country's comprehensive national strength, but also greatly improved the people's living standards and spending power. Originally, some high-end crafts, jewellery and ornaments, which were mainly exported, were first sold equally at home and abroad. From various statistical channels, domestic sales account for the majority, accounting for about 80% of total sales on average. The Chinese market with a population of 1.3 billion is an extraordinary market. This is exactly where our arts and crafts design, production, and operators are used. We are full of confidence in the future and very optimistic about the prospects.