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How to maintain a jade mattress

2021-11-05 09:32:51

Only by paying attention to details can the furniture last longer and last longer. The clay mattress provides you with the following maintenance tips. Please pay more attention to it during use.

1. The front and back of the jade mattress, the left and right sides of the year in use, are turned over every two months so that the mattress can be evenly stressed, and then it can be turned over once every six months; Liaoning Photon Mattress

2. Don't sit on the edge of a jade mattress, because the four corners of the mattress are fragile. Sitting on the edge for a long time can easily damage the jade;

3. Clean the jade mattress with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. Do not clean it directly with water or detergent; do not lie on it directly after bathing or sweating, let alone smoking on the mattress, etc.; remove the plastic packaging when using it. The bag should be ventilated and dry to avoid moisture.