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This knowledge you should understand

2021-11-05 08:20:08

Riding on the road requires nothing more than breathability, comfort, non-compression, and support. The term soft and hard is too general. What are the definitions of soft and hard? limit? the difference? Subjective feelings or objective materials? Photon Energy Pad

Some riders will recommend choosing a soft cushion for long distances, but the soft cushion has more stringent requirements for support and breathability, and its comfort is greatly improved. It is suitable for novices and riders who have not been able to train. There are also soft cushions that are filled with gel, but the outer material is very good, strong, and will not be deformed if it is supportive. Therefore, many novices believe that a generous cushion can make sitting more comfortable and reduce pain for two reasons:

1. Expand the contact area with the seat cushion, disperse the pressure, and reduce the local pressure.

2. The thick filler can absorb more shock and vibration from the frame.

In fact, a generous seat cushion does not necessarily reduce thigh pain. So let us first understand the cause of pain when riding:

1. Compression: When sitting on the cushion, the weight of the body presses on the small area of the cushion, which will generate a very large pressure, which compresses the capillaries and affects the blood circulation.

2. Shearing force and friction: When pedaling, the human body will sway slightly on the cushion, rubbing the edge of the cushion, causing friction, friction and heat, which will soon cause pain and skin damage. The shearing force generated by friction with the cushion combined with the compression effect further aggravates the blood circulation disorder.


3. Moisture: The moisture brought by sweat has aggravated the effect of shearing force.

4. Temperature: When riding, the skin temperature, especially the temperature of the perineum will rise significantly. The rise in temperature speeds up the metabolism of the skin, and under the action of compression and shearing force, blood circulation becomes obstructed. At this time, the skin becomes necrotic because it cannot get sufficient nutrients.

Obviously, the generous seat cushion has an advantage in oppression. But the same, it will bring more friction and shear force. The thick seat cushion is not easy to wick away perspiration and is more humid, which will make the lower body temperature higher. Of course, compression is the main cause of pain. This kind of generous cushion does bring comfort, but because of the last three disadvantages, the generous cushion does not always make us feel comfortable. Although we just sit on this cushion will feel very "comfortable", but the longer the riding time, the greater the adverse effect. This is why some seat cushions are very comfortable to sit on, but the long riding time will make us miserable.

We all know that sofas are not as comfortable as the thicker and softer the filling layer. Many high-end sofas have strict calculations and designs for their hardness and filling thickness, so that they can sit for a long time without feeling sore. .

The same is true for the seat cushion, and the filling material of the seat cushion is also good or bad. The same material has different densities. Mid-to-high-end seat cushions will use better filling materials for layered filling. The upper layer uses lower density and the lower layer uses high-density materials, so that it will have a more comfortable feeling without being too sunken.

At the same time, after we sit on the seat cushion, the seat bones sink, and the edge part is easy to bulge and press to other places. The shape of the seat cushion is also very important. Therefore, we must be selective in choosing the seat cushion, look at its design, workmanship, and hardness, consult with riders who have used it, and don’t pursue magnanimity.

Then there must be some cyclists who are wondering again. What you mean by this is that it’s better if it’s expensive?

In fact, if you are riding a long distance, what you need is a healthy and comfortable cushion of moderate size, moderate hardness, and more ergonomic considerations.

Most of the expensive cushions are competitive cushions, which are not suitable for most long-distance riding conditions. The saying "expensive is good" does not apply when choosing a suitable seat cushion. We should consider our riding style, wallet thickness and cycling frequency.

When choosing which cushion to choose, we must first consider that we are wearing cycling pants. There is a sponge cushion in the cycling pants to relieve the pain of the fart. The hip pad of the cycling pants is better than a seat cushion or a cushion cover. In order to fit the human body, it is not easy to deform or slip off. On the basis of basically providing the same function, there are other functions of cycling clothes, such as whole body pneumatic, ventilation and sterilization. Then consider the following three factors:

The riding position of a road bike extends the stroke of the femoris, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius muscles as much as possible by lowering the upper body, but this will cause the thighs to become more vertical. If the seat of the road bike is too much Wide, it will seriously rub the inner thigh root, which directly affects sports performance. Therefore, the road car seats are made relatively narrow.

Mountain bikes are more upright than road bikes, so being slightly wider does not particularly hinder leg movement. At the same time, the road conditions of mountain bikes are much worse than that of road bikes, and the wider seats are more comfortable.

But there are also different types of road bikes. For example, the seat cushions of triathlons are mostly wider. The enduro and DH models of mountain bikes have a much wider seat cushion than XC.

A large part of the strength of the road bike riding posture is allocated to the arms, and the use of a thicker cushion will not bring much improvement in comfort. At the same time, the road bike needs to be lightweight, of course, it is done on the seat.

Mountain bikes do not need to pursue heavy weight due to poor road conditions, so thicker seats are acceptable.

As for tricycles, the seat cushion is thicker than that of ordinary large cars, not only feels very comfortable, but also very firm. It not only takes care of comfort but also has very good support.

In the enduro of mountain bikes, the cushions of DH bikes are also thicker, because you don’t need to sit on the cushions when going downhill. Or the kind of cushion for electric cars).

This is quite special, let’s talk about the turning posture of the bicycle first. When the bicycle turns, raise the inner leg and lower the pedal on the outer leg. In this way, the main strength of the car is resisted by the inner side of the outer leg roots contacting the seat, and the arm can easily and meticulously control the details of the steering, making it easier to corner.

Because the scooter does not need high speed and bad road corners, it does not need the kind of corner-assisted cornering skills, so it does not have a long and straight nose (if you install a long nose seat on a Kun car, it will be very difficult to get on and off the car. The skirt may be lifted).