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People who need jade mattresses

2021-11-05 09:29:42

1. Modern entrepreneurs and office workers who are busy day and night, physically and mentally exhausted, are exhausted due to lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking, busy work, lack of sleep and other reasons. If you regularly use jade mattresses, you can reduce fatigue and restore vitality. Photon mattress

2. The far-infrared energy released by jade mattresses for people who have pain caused by adult diseases can increase cell vitality. Use negative ion potential therapy to restore old health and various adult diseases.

3. One of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles on the face and skin of people who want to beautify is that the human body cannot discharge the toxic substances accumulated in the skin in time. The far infrared rays emitted by jade mattresses can radiate deep into the skin. Exhaust sweat from the human body by expanding skin pores to achieve the purpose of maintaining skin elasticity and beauty and health.


4. Candidates who are nearing the college entrance examination expand capillaries and promote metabolism, increase the blood volume of the brain, and reduce fatigue time and sleep time.

5. The natural waves emitted by jade mattresses for those who want to give their parents a share of filial piety are especially effective for the elderly suffering from bone hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and gastrointestinal diseases.